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Kentucky Sorghum Syrup Spun Sorghum Soft Chews

Includes: Sorghum Syrup (12 Ounces),Spun Sorghum 8 Ounces (Pennvertucky Original), Spun Cinnamon Sorghum (5.5 Ounces), 6 Sorghum Cookies (approximately 6 Ounces), and an optional Pennvertucky 14 Ounce Mug!


Indulge in the traditional and robust flavors of Kentucky with The Kentucky Box. This package is full of goodness-rich treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Enjoy the amazing cookies that are made with high-quality ingredients (maple sugar instead of white granulated sugar) and bursting with flavor. The package also includes Sorghum Syrup (Spread on Pancakes, use as a substitute for sugar in recipes), Spun Sorghum and Spun Cinnamon Sorghum (a Pennvertucky Innovation made with adding Honey Crystals to liquid Sorghum) spread on homemade bread, or pastries. Treat yourself or someone special to The Kentucky Package for a taste of southern hospitality.

The Kentucky Box: Sorghum Syrup, Spun Sorghum, Cookies

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