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Pennvertucky Pennsylvania Honey, Vermont Maple Syrup, Kentucky Sorghum Syrup
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About Pennvertucky

Welcome to Pennvertucky, where our journey is as unique and diverse as the flavors we bring to your table. Born from the rich landscapes of rural Vermont, Kentucky, and now nestled in Pennsylvania, Pennvertucky is a celebration of our roots and a homage to the wholesome, natural sweetness of our beloved regions.

He grew up surrounded by the crisp air and pristine maple groves of rural Vermont, fostering a deep appreciation for the art of maple syrup production. She has fond memories of the warm Southern charm of rural Kentucky, where the golden fields of sorghum whispered tales of tradition and community. Today, we call Pennsylvania home, drawing inspiration from the lush landscapes and buzzing bees that contribute to the sweetness of our locally-sourced honey.

Larry, a retired technology executive, and Charla, a retired school teacher, are following their passion to bring you all natural and wholesome gifts to the individuals you love and and care about.

Larry and Charla - Owners at Pennvertucky

Our Mission

At Pennvertucky, our mission is to weave a tapestry of authentic, wholesome, and natural sweet treats that transcend borders and embody the unique flavors of Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Kentucky. 

We strive to craft confections that not only satiate the sweet tooth but also tell a story of tradition, community, and the genuine flavors of our beloved regions. Each jar of honey, bottle of maple syrup, and dollop of sorghum syrup reflects the essence of our heritage, meticulously curated into delectable creations that embrace the wholesome goodness of nature.

Our mission extends beyond providing sweet treats; it encompasses the joy of gifting. We aim to create moments of delight by offering a taste of home, a connection to tradition, and a journey through the unique flavors that Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Kentucky contribute to our confections. Pennvertucky stands as a testament to the power of natural ingredients, the beauty of diverse culinary landscapes, and the shared love for genuine, homemade goodness.

Join us on this flavorful journey as we invite you to experience Pennvertucky—a brand that seeks to make every treat a sweet symphony of Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Kentucky, delivered with love to your doorstep.

Pennvertucky Images and Videos

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