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Pennvertucky Trio Gift Box Vermont Maple, Honey, Kentucky Sorghum

Introducing the Pennvertucky Trio Syrup Gift Box, a selection of three delicious syrups from three distinct regions. This exclusive set includes Pennsylvania Honey, known for its rich, floral flavor, Vermont Maple Syrup, prized for its sweet, woodsy taste, and Kentucky Sorghum Syrup, a dark and robust sweetener with hints of molasses. Perfect for breakfast spreads, baking, or as a unique addition to cocktails, each syrup in the Pennvertucky Trio Box brings a taste of its region straight to your table. Whether you're a fan of pure honey, classic maple syrup, or the unique flavor of sorghum, this trio box has something for everyone to enjoy. Order your Pennvertucky Trio Box today and experience the best of Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Kentucky in one delightful package.  You will receive 12.5 Oz Net Wt. of Pennsylvania Honey, 12 Oz Fluid of Vermont Maple Syrup, and 12 Oz Fluid of Pure Kentucky Sorghum Syrup.

Pennvertucky Trio Syrup Gift Box

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