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Vermont Maple Syrup Pennsylvania Honey Kentucky Sorghum Syrup Maple Cream Maple Sugar Maple Candy Spun Honey Candy

Includes: Raw and Unfiltered Pennsylvania Honey (8.5 Ounces), Spun Honey (5.5 Ounces), Spun Cinnamon Honey (5.5 Ounces), Pure Vermont Maple Syrup (8 Ounces), Maple Cream (5.5 Ounces), Maple Candy (3 Ounces), Maple Sugar (3 Ounces), Pure Kentucky Sorghum Syrup (8 Ounces), Spun Sorghum (5.5 Ounces), and Spun Cinnamon Sorghum (5.5 Ounces).


Introducing The Heritage Package, a delicious combination of authentic all-natural sweet treats from Pennsylvania and Vermont, with a touch of Kentucky innovation. This gift box includes a sample of Pennvertucky's finest products, such as Pennsylvania Honey, Spun Honey, and Spun Cinnamon Honey, as well as Vermont Maple Syrup, Maple Cream, Maple Candy, and Maple Sugar. But the real treat is the Kentucky Sorghum Syrup and the innovative Spun Sorghum, and Spun Cinnamon Sorghum, a unique twist on a classic sweetener.  The Heritage Package is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates natural, high-quality sweeteners and candies.

The Heritage Package : Honey, Maple, Sorghum Products

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