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Build your sample box of Honey, Vermont Maple Syrup, Kentucky Sorghum Syrup

Choose From Four Categories and build your own uniqe Pennvertucky Box of Sweet Goodies.   


Choose one item from the Syrup category: Honey (8.5 Net Oz), Maple (8 Oz), or Sorghum (8 Oz).


Then choose one item from the Spun/Cream category of Spun Honey (5.5 Net Oz), Maple Cream (5.5 Net Oz), or Spun Sorghum (5.5 Net Oz).


From the third Candy category, choose one item of Honey Soft Chews (3 Oz), or Maple Candy (3 Oz), Or Sorghum Maple Soft Chews (3 Oz).


And from the fourth Cookie category, choose one item of Honey Cookies (4 Ct), or Maple Cookies (4 Ct), or Sorghum Cookies (4 Ct).


And remember to Share Something Sweet :)



Pennvertucky Build A Box : Honey, Maple, Sorghum Products

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